Thursday, April 2, 2009

Web-based Graphics Creator/Editor

I just discovered SumoPaint. Its a pretty neat Web 2.0 app that doesn't use up a ton of system resources--doesn't lock up/freeze quickly. I noticed many of the featured artworks made use of scanned images to start off with (as do many digital designers/illustrators), but I still think a lot of our (teen) patrons can make use of this site.


  1. That is really awesome. I have been looking for a program similar to Photoshop ever since I bought a Mac.

    I think teens and other patrons would like to use this to edit their photos.

  2. Christin,

    A free (open source) program that's a lot more like Photoshop is The GIMP. Used in conjunction with other free programs like Inkscape and Scribus, you can accomplish quite a bit, although none of them are as user-friendly as Sumopaint.