Thursday, April 30, 2009

4/30/09 Notezzzzz


downloading music - does it belong? free stuff vs. illegal

Dave talked to Nate...does it fit within scope? Nate's suggestion: create document for public with sites, explain pros/cons -- externally located

Jim/Erica will send Tip for Downloading Music document to group

Do we want to add disclaimer to blog? Joy said they are drafting a Privacy Policy in Digital Services. Erica is working with Jay concerning official Copyright Policy & Procedure.

Do we use Learn & Play tutorials instead of writing everything from scratch? Do we synthesize from all the other tutorials online? Do we add other things to the list instead of working hard on what has already been created (and really well done)?

Should we start with the approach as main "thing" in portal? For example, using a social language site such as LiveMocha instead of Mango languages.

Using icons of tools on main page/portal instead of categories. Add links to other "things" after the main tutorial/feature. Using name recognition of tool as starting point instead of the category.

Mango Languages no longer on the table for this group. Should be placed in a Premium Resources section with tutorial? CML's Ask It is out.

Tools to Keep
MOLDI (Digital Downloads) - Angela
Blogger - Lindsey
Twitter - Jim
Facebook - Christin
Linked In - Julie
Flickr - Lindsey
Google Docs - Erica
Delicious - Julie
YouTube - Erica
Shelfari/Goodreads/LibraryThing(My Discoveries-related) - Katie
Google Reader (RSS) - Aaron

My Discoveries: Personal customer lists of materials, ratings, reviews, etc... on our website (Aquabrowser). Launching in June. Can make private or public. Will be an additional "thing" after Shelfari/Goodreads/etc...tutorial.

"Try It" instead of "Do It". Discover, Explore, Try.

Deadline for something to look at on Google Docs: ASAP
Next Meeting: May 21st, 90 minutes

Did I miss anything important? Place it in the comments.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Creative Commons

I feel we should brand this section of our website with a Creative Commons License (Share-alike, Attribution). What do you think?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Notes from the Meeting...aka Things to Consider

When we discuss RSS, do we include explaining RSS feed options that are built into browsers?

We decided to NOT feature any portals, such as iGoogle or Pageflakes.

Regarding Photos and Videos...
Do we only feature how to find, view, post....or do we include any photo or video editing sites?

JumpCut was removed, because it is no longer going to be active.

Should elearning only be for languages or does it expand into other elearning sites?

Regarding IM...
Do we explain how use use the IM features on other sites, such as Gmail and Facebook? Should we include an IM lingo section?

Regarding music...
Do we only feature tools that allow you to listen to music v. download music?
If we do feature downloading tools, can we offer the sites that are not as high of quality in order to have something to share?

Any features of tools for downloading emedia of any kind must be both free and legal.

Anything else?

Tools that were selected for Features

  • Blogger

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Google Reader

  • Delicious

  • Library Thing, Shelfari, Goodreads, My Discoveries group

  • You Tube

  • Flickr


  • ASK IT
  • Saturday, April 11, 2009

    Tutorial Sites and Links

    I wanted to add this post so we can start listing tutorial resources that may not have been used on some of the other "Learning 2.0" blogs out there.

    Here's one from the San Jose State LIS program that contains a large number of screencasts for various online tools. :

    Lots of good stuff here dealing with RSS feeds, Flickr, LibraryThing, and more...

    Saturday, April 4, 2009

    Work-in-Progress Things

    Here's a starting point for us to look at our "things" as a whole and to think about grouping as Lindsey suggested. PLEASE feel free to add, remove, edit, shift, etc. This is just an attempt at organizing what's been brainstormed so far. :)

    • Twitter (microblogging)(*)
    • Podcasting/Vodcasting
      • miro (downloadable aggregator-lots of hd video feeds)
      • Juice (downloadable aggregator)
      • itunes (downloadable aggregator)

    Friday, April 3, 2009


    I'm wondering how some of this stuff is going to be grouped. Are there going to be very big general 'things' like blogging, social networking, etc.? Because it sounds like all of these things that are being mentioned are great ideas but not enough to have whole tutorials on or pages dedicated to. Or would the general things classification be too hard because where would you put certain sits? Would twitter go under blogging (since it claims it's 'microblogging') or would it go under social networking or chatting?

    A lot of this stuff, like IMing is great and it's what Librarians are getting asked for, so it would be sad to see it get the boot because it's not a big enough thing. So how big or small are these 'things' going to be is my roundabout question.

    Also, in the chatting vein what about meebo? :)

    Thursday, April 2, 2009


    I found this web site called PageFlakes . It is a place where you can view your email, Facebook, and Twitter all in one place.


    Worthington is doing some interesting stuff on their web site under the "Interact" tab.

    On some of the pages you can explore with a "what is xxx" link. For example, under RSS feeds, there is a "What is RSS" and a link to a video that explains it. Also see Podcasting. They do not do that for all their interactive areas, but they do lead patrons to "follow them" on Twitter, etc.


    I do not believe we want to teach people to produce podcasts, but the concept of podcasting is also downloading and consuming content. This is where I think podcasting should be one of our "Things". Here are a few great examples of how other libraries have used podcasting to spread their message.

    Worthington is already doing both Pod- and Vod- casting and I like what they offer - Watch a story time, listen to a book review, etc. (Note their name - "Programs to go")

    Ohio University's library has podcasts providing information about the library

    Kankakee, IL podcasts local debates, author visits, Teen Poetry slams. I could see Patric doing a monthly CML Podcast :)

    Here is a more comprehensive list of libraries podcasting

    Podcasting could be mixed with music downloading as a "how to", but it would also be great to have it as a way to communicate with patrons on our web site.

    Web-based Graphics Creator/Editor

    I just discovered SumoPaint. Its a pretty neat Web 2.0 app that doesn't use up a ton of system resources--doesn't lock up/freeze quickly. I noticed many of the featured artworks made use of scanned images to start off with (as do many digital designers/illustrators), but I still think a lot of our (teen) patrons can make use of this site.

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009

    more "things"

    Stephen Abram's things -- apparently this was the starting point from which Helene Blowers developed the 23 Things.

    I like the "simplicity" of some of these: take a picture with a camera phone and download it, download an MP3 file that isn't music, edit a Wikipedia entry, etc. I'm not sure if these would or should fit into our program, but I like the idea of incorporating some things that are biggies and some that could be considered smaller steps.


    Ann Arbor District Library's catalog allows for tagging and reviews by customers.

    Digital Youth Research

    Ran across this site today via Marylaine Block's Neat New Stuff website. I just read the summary and I don't think we're seeing anything different in our everyday public service lives at CML. It's still interesting to me that all this money is spent on studies, when people in libraries could have given them a lot of this info already (albeit not in statistical form).

    Open Source

    This list is dated, but there's a lot of open source resources that may be beneficial to include as links on various tutorial "pages" for additional discovery.

    Freshmeat is updated regularly, but I still go back to the Mashable list.