Thursday, April 2, 2009


I do not believe we want to teach people to produce podcasts, but the concept of podcasting is also downloading and consuming content. This is where I think podcasting should be one of our "Things". Here are a few great examples of how other libraries have used podcasting to spread their message.

Worthington is already doing both Pod- and Vod- casting and I like what they offer - Watch a story time, listen to a book review, etc. (Note their name - "Programs to go")

Ohio University's library has podcasts providing information about the library

Kankakee, IL podcasts local debates, author visits, Teen Poetry slams. I could see Patric doing a monthly CML Podcast :)

Here is a more comprehensive list of libraries podcasting

Podcasting could be mixed with music downloading as a "how to", but it would also be great to have it as a way to communicate with patrons on our web site.


  1. If we decide to include podcasting, we could mention gabcast. Using your phone, it allows you to create podcasts, upload audio to your blog, etc.

  2. katie,

    I think this definitely should be mentioned in a "discover more..." section on podcasting.

  3. Angie,

    I really like Worthington's offerings. And I agree with you that we shouldn't teach podcasting off the bat, but I think we should include some links to some tutorials that delve into this a little more as a "discover more..." or "if you want to go further".

    Even if the library doesn't offer the capability to create podcasts, I think there will be people who look at our portal from home or work. They will either already own the hardware or want to go out and purchase it just so they can explore our exercises.