Thursday, April 30, 2009

4/30/09 Notezzzzz


downloading music - does it belong? free stuff vs. illegal

Dave talked to Nate...does it fit within scope? Nate's suggestion: create document for public with sites, explain pros/cons -- externally located

Jim/Erica will send Tip for Downloading Music document to group

Do we want to add disclaimer to blog? Joy said they are drafting a Privacy Policy in Digital Services. Erica is working with Jay concerning official Copyright Policy & Procedure.

Do we use Learn & Play tutorials instead of writing everything from scratch? Do we synthesize from all the other tutorials online? Do we add other things to the list instead of working hard on what has already been created (and really well done)?

Should we start with the approach as main "thing" in portal? For example, using a social language site such as LiveMocha instead of Mango languages.

Using icons of tools on main page/portal instead of categories. Add links to other "things" after the main tutorial/feature. Using name recognition of tool as starting point instead of the category.

Mango Languages no longer on the table for this group. Should be placed in a Premium Resources section with tutorial? CML's Ask It is out.

Tools to Keep
MOLDI (Digital Downloads) - Angela
Blogger - Lindsey
Twitter - Jim
Facebook - Christin
Linked In - Julie
Flickr - Lindsey
Google Docs - Erica
Delicious - Julie
YouTube - Erica
Shelfari/Goodreads/LibraryThing(My Discoveries-related) - Katie
Google Reader (RSS) - Aaron

My Discoveries: Personal customer lists of materials, ratings, reviews, etc... on our website (Aquabrowser). Launching in June. Can make private or public. Will be an additional "thing" after Shelfari/Goodreads/etc...tutorial.

"Try It" instead of "Do It". Discover, Explore, Try.

Deadline for something to look at on Google Docs: ASAP
Next Meeting: May 21st, 90 minutes

Did I miss anything important? Place it in the comments.

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  1. Here's a post on Tame The Web that might be useful to us. I think these types of screencasts could be more helpful to our customers needing information from our Premium Resources.