Monday, March 30, 2009

Other libraries and the 23 things

23 Things Summit

23 Things Summit Archive

23 Things Summit Notes

23 Things Summit wrap-up

23 Things for Library Staff

Missouri's Library Learning 2.0

Nebraska's Learning 2.0

Minnesota's 23 Things on a Stick

Arizona's Baker's Dozen

PLCMC's Learning 2.0

Vermont also did the 23 things:


  1. All I've got to say so far is this is a ton of stuff to wade through. Nothing has really hit me yet thus far...still digesting.

  2. Although I don't like the name, I'm liking the way Arizona did their Baker's Dozen. :)
    - at our meeting, someone brought up internet safety and they address that briefly while also covering avatars.
    - they also cover digital downloads, bookmark storage/access and even online gaming