Monday, March 30, 2009

Kick Off

Just a quick post to kick off the new blog.


I'm looking forward to discussing what we uncover as we explore Web 2.0 tools for the next couple of weeks.

Keep us posted!


  1. Yay! Great job Katie getting us up and running so quickly! :D

  2. Just to clarify .. we are exploring what tools are out there for our customers to use, right? At first, when I was researching, I was trying to research how other libraries are teaching these to their customers and I was having trouble.

    Sorry for the odd question. I never been in anything like this before.

  3. Christin,

    We are exploring the tools as the main priority, but we also want to see what has already been done by other libraries. I think Jennifer had some links on her Delicious account pointing to some of these.


  4. Only a few libraries have done "23 things" for their customers. I will post a few examples. The examples from other libraries are just to get ideas. We want to create the tools in our portal based on our customer need and interest, so the door is wide open.