Thursday, June 4, 2009

Checking In...

Hi all,

Just thought I'd put a fresh post up in case anyone has anything to share with the group. The pieces I've read through on Google docs look great.

Did we have a tentative date for our next meeting? I thought we had talked about some June dates, but I don't see anything in my notes. I'm sure that between SRC and people's vacations, it might be hard for us all to meet. But, we could all probably use a reminder on our deadline.

Anything else that anyone wants to talk about?

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  1. Thanks for putting up a post Katie. Yeah, I'm not sure when we were thinking about meeting next either. With SRC, Jenn being at Jury Duty for 2 weeks, and everything else that we're all doing, I think we've been a bit distracted. I'm hoping to have more time next week to finish up what I'm writing and get it up on Google Docs.